CT Focuz is a well known and respected artist/lyricist born and raised in Spanish Harlem. Growing up in the Jefferson & East River Projects was not easy at all; making his personal life experiences the fuel for his drive. Music became his addiction. His words have been known to not only uplift people through hard times or the struggle but also relate and find peace in their own situations. "By expressing myself and my experiences through music, I'd hope to be helping others in some way". 

With him, there seems to be an example to be set, a bar to be raised and a legacy to be left. 

His words come from a deep place and while his gritty lyrical flow might lure you in, his insane delivery and ease of spreading knowledge through music will keep you hooked. Influenced by many original icons from the early to mid 90's Hip-hop scene, it became easy for him to become the very versatile and talented artist he is today, capable of free-styling on any instrumental. A founding member of the "SuspectKriminals" (a local lyrical Battle Style Rap Group - 2011) with his brothers Hyphen, Tony Pricele$$ & Kamikaze, linked up with Justin Riley (CEO- Just Right Records) in an attempt to take over the Tri-State area. "When I am here, I am home." - Everything is Just Right. 

Keep your minds open for CT Focuz... Taking it to a whole different level.