Gentry is a producer from Camuy, Puerto Rico. At a very young age he fell in love with music. Growing up, it wasn't uncommon to catch him banging on pots and pans in an attempt to make some noise. He soon found out he had a deep admiration and passion for not only music, but the creative science to move people. At the young age of 9 years old, he was given his first pair of drumsticks. It was not long before he found himself interested in percussion instruments; drums, bongos and others. When he was 16, he taught himself how to use different types of software and was able to develop his music production talent. 

With an initial focus of the heavy 808 trap scene he found himself expanding his talent of mixing and mastering to several genres of music. Recognized for his creativity, drive and focus, the young producer was soon taken under the wings of Just Right Records. With full creative freedom he has been able to build and grow and is definitely making quite impressionable and legendary noise. 

With Gentry on the beat, be prepared to lose yourself, because without even trying, he will move you.