Hyphen is an unstoppable, one of a kind hip hop artist from Bridgeport, Ct who's passion for music truly separates him from other artists. His energy is infectious. His dope ambilingual flow, fluidly switching from English to Spanish has without a doubt elevated him from your everyday rapper, into an up and coming mega artist. He writes his lyrics in both Spanish and English, effortlessly maintaining an equal balance of creativity and dopeness.

With the loss of his father to a severe illness in 2009... as his life changed, so did his mindset. Bad decision after bad decision lead him to being incarcerated in a federal prison. In doing his time, he rehabilitated himself. In his music, you will find a lyrical story full of real life experiences and deep painful memories. Becoming able to express such art and pain through his music after his incarceration has uplifted and changed him, making his only dream to give his kids the life he never had.

His initial love of music has grown into a therapeutic release. You can feel it through the music. It's advisable to listen carefully, as he is back and more dedicated than ever. His determination and strive to make a name for himself has left the people wanting more... and he plans on doing just that. Stay tuned.