With a uniquely fluid vocal style, Tony Priceless makes it easy to supply creative music for the people. His alter ego Fya-Arm$ takes his bars to a much darker and grittier level. 

Tony Priceless was born in Harlem, NY and currently resides in Bridgeport, CT. A very versatile artist that has the ability to freestyle and rap off the top of the brain for long periods of time. When he is in his zone, he'll listen to instrumentals pick a beat, throw on his headphones and just go in. 

Always working; his mindset is strictly business as he has plans to take it to the next level. Staying focused on his career and continuing to build, he became a member of #PaperChaseGang, #SuspectKriminalz, #FettiUnit and #JustRightRecords. 

Tony priceless  instagram: @therealtonypriceless

Tony priceless

instagram: @therealtonypriceless